Roses for Delivery in Newcastle

Gorgeous roses for the person you love.

Roses in Newcastle | Newcastle Rose Gifts

Roses are the perfect way to express love, romance, friendship or respect. A beautiful timeless flower in a variety of colours. Newcastle Flowers by Design, New Lambton, also carry the striking Black Rose and bright Rainbow Rose. 

Create a bespoke bouquet to celebrate an anniversary, organise a bouquet of roses for every month on a birthday or anniversary. Pick up a single rose gift wrapped for a first date or just because. 

We deliver roses in Newcastle 6 days a week (Monday- Saturday) Plus Mother’s Day Sunday Delivery.

What do the colour of roses mean?

What do the colour of roses mean? Roses symbolise everything from love, friendship, innocence, happiness or mystery. But remember all that really matters is choosing the colour of Rose you or a special someone loves!


What do Red Roses- Love, passion, courage, beauty

What do White roses mean - new beginnings, innocence, purity, Condolences

What do pink roses mean - appreciation, gratitude, sympathy, admiration, joy

What do Yellow roses mean - joy, delight, friendship

What do Orange roses mean - fascination, Desire, enthusiasm

What do Peach roses mean - appreciation, sincerity 

What do purple roses mean - enchantment, Love At First Sight 

What do Black roses mean - mystery, uniqueness, new journey, confidence, sorrow

What do Rainbow roses mean - happiness, joy, vibrancy, make a statement 


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