Tips To Care For Your Flowers

Have you received a beautiful floral gift and are unsure of the best way to care for your flowers? 

Newcastle Flowers By Design love to create fresh floral designs for you! To enjoy your flowers as long as possible follow our simple healthy flower tips. Or call our friendly qualified florists for advice (02) 4952 3888.


Red Rose Bouquet Newcastle, NSW

Floral Bouquet

Your bouquet will be delivered beautifully gift wrapped and in it's own water source. As soon as possible follow our handy hints below.

  • Add flower food to your vase of water

Flower Food Recipe

  • Trim the bottom of your stems so they can drink again in water as they start to seal over very quickly
  • Repeat this process every three days with fresh water & trimmed stems


Special Tip: If you receive one of our bouquets, leaving the elastic band on will keep every flower sitting perfectly in place in its vase


Flower Arrangement

Newcastle Flowers By Design loves to create flower arrangements for all occasions. As a floral arrangement is delivered in its own container or base, they are very easy to care for and ideal for occasions like sympathy, corporate or new baby flowers.

To care for your flower arrangement, follow our advice below:

  • Add a 1/4 cup of water each day to your floral foam


Native Flower Arrangement, Newcastle NSW